jME3 in SWT Canvas (Eclipse Plugin/RCP)

Hello to everyone!

I’m new to jME3 and to this forum so I hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting my topic in this thread of your forum.

I’m basically trying to use jME3 for rendering my 3D scene graph into an eclipse plugin application. That means that I need to use the SWT canvas and make it load the jME3 renderer. Currently however, I can see that you guys are only supporting AWT and Swing. I have already searched the web and your forum for “jME3 + SWT” and can see that there are a few threads about this issue (mostly were related to jME2, though) but apparently there was not any fully working solution. This thread was the most recent and it sounds the guy was forced to abandon the idea of using jME3 inside eclipse plugin/RCP altogether.

I myself didn’t yet try it, but was fortunately just checking it out if it has already been done before. My question is: is there anywhere a ‘jme3-swt binding’ (excuse the phrase) that I’m missing out? And, is it at all possible with the current version of jme3 to use it inside SWT directly without manual tinkering?

I would really appreciate a feedback on this. This’s part of my uni studies and I don’t have much time to tinker with the code. I actually came to jME3 from Ardor3d which already has got support for using it inside SWT canvas. Should I just stick with Ardor3d?

Apologies for the lengthy post

Swt can integrate AWT panels.