jME3 libs issue

Hey, I’m still in trouble with my topic (

Can someone help me out ?

Stop bumping your post by creating other posts.

It’s not the first time you do it, and if you want to stay in this community I recommend that it’s the last time!

People read your post and if there are no answer that’s because they don’t have answers, Momoko_Fan answered it though, if your problem is still not resolved you’ll have to search more by yourself

Wow… I didn’t think it was that bad.

I only did it because noone is answering and as you did manage to use jME3 with Android then I guess it means there is a way to do so. So either you gave up on my topic (which I can understand considering the amount of work you’re having) either… actually I can’t find another explanation.

I know you guys have a lot work. I’ve just tried my best to get some help (because yes, I did look for solutions by myself for hours and hours but it seems I am definitly in a dead end) so I think it’s not necessary to show me how long your fangs are threatening me with any kind of exclusion and being tactless.

I apologize for having been breaking a mysterious unknown rule of this forum by bumping my topic.

Well bumping threads by reposting at the end of them is already a bad habit, and even if it’s not a written rule, I guess it’s common sense that’s it’s just annoying. Never seen any moderator in any forum say “hey so cool you bumped your thread”.

But bumping your thread by creating another post is way beyond irritating.

So I admit that I may have overreacted a bit, but please stop doing it.

@antonyudin who is maintaining the android build seems to be away for the last few weeks, and there’s not many others who posses knowledge on how to do it. That could explain why you did not receive any help, so there’s no need to request for it when nobody can provide it.