jME3 Monkey

Ogre has a 3D head, why should jME not have one?

I had some spared time on my hand and I really love the new jME3 engine!

The result is a new 3D Monkey head! I tried to copy the old monkey as good as i can, here are the results!

png (transparent bg)


If requested I can also share the 3D Mesh! Just tell me how much details you want!

A big cheeeeeer for the input in this direction!

But frankly, that monkey does not look too happy  }:-@

Maybe you can shoot it from an angle and make the eyes a bit more "uplifted" :slight_smile:

Normen, the original monkey isn't happy either :smiley:

This is pretty cool, there are a lot of uses we can come up with this.

We can put it on a model, we can use it as demo-shape, we can shade it in strange ways, we can make a logo out of it, the uses are endless  :smiley:

Please share the most detailed 3D mesh! We have tools to simply it if needed  :wink:

Ok, right. It should not look happy, but it looks sad at this angle, not "serious" like the original :slight_smile:

The monkey can be happy?  :-o wtf  XD

Never saw him smile xD

Uplifted new Version:

Please share the most detailed 3D mesh!

1.3 million vertices ? Wish you fun with that xD

At the moment I can only give you the ZTL files(old and new). You can open them with ZBrush!

For the OBJ file I need to fix the UV's. Not much of a work, but I hate to create them :smiley:

The upload took some time, therefore I created an fast OBJ with UVs. I didn't smooth the OBJ so that you can see the level of details (it's the middle version with 24.000 points)


I forgot something to mention! You cannot load the OBJ (compiled from zBrush) inside jME! First you have to open the file inside any other 3D Tool (I use MilkShape 1.8.4) and save it again as OBJ. Don't know why this error occur, but it works afterwards.

I took the OBJ model with 26,000 verts and simplified it to 2,500 verts. I then generated a normal map based on the original, an ambient occlusion map which is premodulated with diffuse, and a specular map, and . Here’s a GIF showing monkey rotate:

EDIT: It’s in jME3

I love this! Great stuff, DarkPhoenix :smiley:

same as DarkPhoenix, Ogre3D has a head, let’s made one for jme !