jme3, nifty and huge frame rate drop :(


I am using jme3 with nifty gui. When I have an empty scene my frame rate is about 800-900 frames per second.

When I load a simple 3D model with textures it decreases to about 700-800 and it is quite natural.

But when I load gui (and it is very simle gui, only 4 buttons) the frame rate drops to about 150-200 frames per second  :expressionless:

Maybe I'm wrong but I think its quite a lot.

I have no idea if there is something wrong with nifty or jme renderers for nifty.

Did anyone come accross this before? If yes I would be very greatful for any hints how to imrove my frame rate when working with nifty  :wink:

I initialize nifty in a standard way I found in jme wiki but if any codes are needed I'll post them when I return from work  :slight_smile:


If you get 800 fps with an empty scene then you probably don't have a good video card. It's normal then for it to have this kind of framerate drop.

Nifty gui in particular isn't very efficient also, as it doesn't use batching.