jme3 nifty: editor for xml?


I use eclipse and there is Content Assistent there, so when I type for example "flyCam." then I will see the methods of flycam and just have to choose, and eclipse will type everythign for me

now I am trying to write xml file for nifty, but it looks like the content assistent doesnt work. are there any way to see all methods of nifty ? should I install extra plugin ?

I dont want to type all day  XD

Well, the jMonkeyPlattform supports nifty xml with content assistent too. So you might check this out! :slight_smile:

For eclipse you just need to make sure you tell the xml editor where it finds the schema. You can do that with starting all of your nifty xml files with:

<nifty xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

Usually this should be enough to get validation as well as content assistent working. If this does not work for you it might be necessary to manually add the xsd to the xml catalog using Eclipse Preferences / XML / XML Catalog / Add..
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I didn't think I would meet the creator here ^^

it works when I add your line

now I can start the real adventure, thank you creator  :smiley:

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