JME3 on a flash drive

Hi everybody

I’ve tried to use JME3 on a flash drive recently but it has been unsuccessful. Because it takes 10 minutes to activate and also because of Java’s location.

If somebody succeeded in making JME3 work on a flash drive can he react here please?

I’m not sure what you mean… You shouldn’t have any problems running a Java app using the jME libs off a thumb-drive, unless you’re talking about the SDK/jMP which could be a whole different story because of NetBeans

More info, according to this, people seem to be able to run NetBeans without too much hassle off a flash drive… You should be able to setup the SDK with similar parameters to do the same (Note that the thread on is over four years old… things may have changed since then)

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Yeah, you’d basically have to put the JDK on that stick too and then configure settings and JDK dir to that stick in etc/jmonkeyplatform.conf


ok thanks it works !