JME3 Other Language Equivalents

Hi! Does anyone know if any roughly equivalent game engine exists that is like JME3, but built for another language? C#, C++, etc

My roughly equivalent, I mean a game engine that is geared for developers. Similar to BabylonJS for JavaScript in that to develop anything for the game, one needs to use code.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

There are some like Panda 3D for Python or Ogre 3D for C++, but I think jME is better than those especially because of the active and friendly community.


the question is why do you ask?

JME is anyway trully like 50% C and 50% Java itself.

For example if you want use C, because you want use C library, its no problem in Java, you can use JNI wrapper to use this C library. Same like OpenGL, native-bullet or some navmesh generator libs written in C are used in JME engine.

I would even say it would be possible write in C in JME, but its like nonsense for high-end code.

Also in C++, and also in Javascript(since Java allow use scripting in Javascript) and probably in other languages. But again its nonsense for default code. For example Javascript i would use for “user-plugin” files or some addons into game.

Game Developer write here in Java because its easy high-end almost non-problematic language.

i would compare it like you can write in Boo, Javascript, etc in Unity. This is higher-abstract language layer that make life easier.

Also its not like Java is slower - Java is almost same fast as C++ currently, see bullet and bullet-native packages example. one is in Java and second in C. Both were same fast(depending what situations one would be faster than other), but currently bullet-native is supported, so everyone probably use it.

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