JME3 RC2 is not Working for Me

I’ve been having some trouble getting JME3 RC2 to work on my computer. I know the beta version worked, but RC2 is giving me errors at startup:

and after each attempted run:

After looking around the forum for a while I saw a mention of switching to OpenGL1 in the Tools/Options/OpenGL menu. That didn’t seem to have any effect, so I checked my graphics card to make sure it was OpenGL compatible (silly now that I realize it had already run JME Beta).
It seems like this is a problem with my system. Can someone shed some light?

Did you install the latest graphics drivers of the card manufacturer? (Not windows update).

Also did you look at the SDK troubleshooting section of the manual?

Hahahahaha, now that Christmas has come, problem solved :wink: