JME3 Starting the program…

I Installed JME3 just about an hour ago and then tried to start the program when I ran into some complications…

First problem I am having is the screen viewer does not load. It always remains at 14%.

Second problem I have is with creating projects… Everytime I create a new project the program freezes while creating it.

Third problem I get is starting up JME after I had tried to open a new project. The Program will freeze every time unless I delete the project and folder.

I eliminated two of the problems re-installing JME3

All in all, its really frustrating me because I cant even try JME out… All help is much appreciated.

OS, CPU, GPU? Your graphics card needs to support OpenGL 2.0, try installing the latest drivers if you’re on Windows or Linux.

Sorry, Yes it was Opengl, I hadn’t restart my computer from installing 2.1… lol :s -_-

BTW, don’t use Windows Update to update your video drivers. Go directly to nVidia or AMD/ATI.