jME3 status?

Hi all,

Can you recommend jME3 in my situation, or should I use jME2 for now?

Im will be doing a simple hobby game on my spare time. I will do nothing advanced or out of the ordinary, I will not use the "platform" stuff, just coding Java in Eclipse.

I want to learn the latest version of jME of course, but I dont want is to struggle with strange bugs or be wondering about basic features missing, or be left completely without documentation.

The most important things are:

  1. Is jME3 core engine reasonably mature and bug free at the moment?
  2. Are there at least some examples to look at? Or can I pick up the basics from the jME2 examples and apply that to jME3?

    Thanks in advance!

    /Jens Li

I just noticed there is a jME3 tutorial, how could I have overlooked that? Q2 hence fulfilled.

Install the jMonkeyPlatform SDK, create a test project, and you will have all the examples you could wish for :slight_smile: Even if you do not use jMP (Netbeans) for your project, the test template project is worth having 2 IDEs installed.

IMHO if you are just getting started with jME, you should go with version 3… by the time your game is ready to go, the engine will be stable enough for your game, mainly because your bug reports will help us to stabilize the parts that you need.

Your post inspired me :mrgreen:

Collaborative writing: Which version of jME is the most suitable for my project?

If you are going with the jMP SDK, then you are going with jME3 – there is not an integrated environment for jME2 unless you put one together for yourself.

Thanks for the replies. Ill probably should switch to JME3. 

> by the time your game is ready to go, the engine will be stable enough for your game

This isnt really a valid point for me, I was actually thinking about my own convenience when I want a mature product. I will not have much time working with this, and I dont want to spend it in frustration because stuff doesnt work and I dont understand why.

I think you should go for jME3, because it's already stable.

And you should definetly try jMP. It's a good way to get started and the platform is also getting more and more handy features.

who knows if jme3 is already stable?

but for me I can already achieve much more with jme3 than with jme2 ^^

so I suggest you to use jme3 too

So far for me, I'm having to make a similar decision. I started a game project long ago with jme1, and then converted it to jme2. Now, it seems, the best route to take is to bite the bullet and convert it now from jme2 to jme3.

Just in the bit I've played with jme3, I feel it's far superior to jme2.