jme3-taskloader - An asynchronous task loader for jMonkeyEngine

I’ve taken some time to extract some code from a project I’m working on in order to create a reusable open source library which you can use in your own projects.

Introducing the jme3-taskloader, an asynchronous task loader for jMonkeyEngine. In short, this library will provide you with an easy to use api for performing tasks asynchronously during the loading phase of your application and be notified of the progress of these tasks which in the end allows you to feed that data to a loading screen.

See GitHub page for usage instructions. This library requires JDK 1.8 or newer.

GitHub page: GitHub - Kendanware/jme3-taskloader: An asynchronous task loader for jMonkeyEngine

Feel free to follow Kendanware on Twitter for updates to this library and projects we’re currently working on.


Cool but its a bit sad it only works on 1.8, it won’t work on Android and iOS this way.

:scream: Functional Programming has arrived to JME3… why?, Oracle, why? :sob:

No it hasn’t, jME3 is deliberately using Java 1.6 as a baseline. We can’t control external libraries though.

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Yes that might be a bit sad. It might be possible to stop using the JDK8 api and lambdas and get it to run on 1.7 if a bit of time could be spent on it.

Version 0.2 of the jme3-taskloader is now available. Check out for more details of the release.

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