jme3 to blender


is there a way to export a scene composed in jme3 sdk to blender? Reason being that I would like to build a lightmap for scenes composed in the sdk’s scene composer.

To add one more thing, I would like to only export objects in the scene which are static (Think of Unity’s static attribute for GameObjects). Surely selecting the objects for which a lightmap should be built for could happen in Blender once the export is done, but that would mean selecting those objects every time the scene is exported instead of marking them once in the sdk.


Ok thanks. I will see what I can do about that.

Nothing as it makes no sense. The stuff you save in a j3o isn’t translatable to a 3d editor. Your workflow is upside down if you need to do this. Either create the scene in blender completely or bake the lightmap in the SDK if theres something that needs to go to the light map which you cannot do in blender (?). Creating a plugin for that shouldn’t be that problematic, creating an exporter is.

Creating a scene completly in blender doesn’t seem right. The moment I import it into the sdk, make changes to it by adding controls, and then go back to make some changes to the composition in blender and reimport it I lose my work done in the sdk, don’t I?

Surely baking in the sdk would be awesome, but I didn’t suspect it to be easy. If it is, then I will try and look into that.

Once again, thanks for the quick response.

Yes you do and its a problem that is implicit with the things you want to do. This is why I say you have to adapt the workflow to this instead of despairing in adapting the surroundings to the workflow. In the future the SDK will be able to re-import parts of models into an existing j3o file and you could create plugins to do that the way you need it right now but the problem remains: You cannot describe everything in the engine in a 3d editor (and vice versa) so you can only exchange a base set of information. Even if you can im- and export meshes and texture settings you will run into problems as soon as you add things like sounds, particle emitters and more. @Kaelthas is writing an importer for blender and the sheer multitude of blender material options is already making this unidirectional process complicated as hell. So again, its better to adapt the workflow.