JmeBinaryReader should be deprecated

seems like i missed the discussions about the binary importer/exporter and my app was still using JmeBinaryReader. shouldn't it be deprecated? i mean otherwise, anyone who missed that thread would be a bit confused about what to use. lessons 8 and 9 in cvs still use it.

I'm all for deprecating them, although the actual functionality of our convertors has been altered, so those would not be deprecated, but at least the readers would be flagged as such.

Having just written an AC3D converter using them, what should be used instead?


BinaryImporter/BinaryExporter is the replacement. Well, actually, JmeImporter/JmeExporter, but the Binary classes are a concrete implementation of those interfaces.

EDIT: And this should be a very easy change for your existing loading stuff, it's simply the replacement on how the data is stored to disk and read from disk, not how the data is read/converted. If you need help switching over, by all means let us know.

all i meant was that these changes should be made a bit more obvious.