JmeBinaryWriter, textureCombineMode and lightCombineMode


Maybe somebody can help me.

I try to understand why JmeBinaryWriter does not save "textureCombineMode" and "lightCombineMode" (At least i did not find it). If i look at their descriptions it seems they are important.

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I think they are simply missing - maybe they were added to the scenegraph but forgotten to be stored…

Ok ! I understand it.

But it is actually not possible to save them because the class "Spatial" has not a "real" get method for both textureCombineMode and lightCombineMode.

Here is for example for lightCombineMode:

public int getLightCombineMode() {
        if (lightCombineMode != LightState.INHERIT)
            return lightCombineMode;
        else if (parent != null)
            return parent.getLightCombineMode();
            return LightState.COMBINE_FIRST;

If i implement a test that saves and loads a scene i won't be able to have the same result because of lightCombineMode and textureCombineMode.
I think in that case there is a need of a real "get" method in the Spatial class.