JMECanvasImplementor with Fixed Logic Rate

Is there any way to do this? Ideally I want a proper loop, which I know how often it will run. There doesn't seem to be anything similar to this in JMECanvasImplementor that I can use to shoehorn some fixed logic rate stuff into. Any ideas?


I'm not experienced with the Canvas stuff.

Does JMECanvas.setTargetRate(x) not fit your need already?

Or maybe you could create your own LWJGLCanvas implementation ?

LWJGLCanvas .paintGL() would then need to be implemented similar to FixedLogicrateGame.start()…

Me neither.

As I understand it, setTargetRate() only sets a target frame rate, it is the logic rate that I am trying to control here.

I would rather not reimplement LWJGLCanvas, that would make it harder to change to JOGL (or another libary) in the future.

Has anyone any other ideas how this could be achieved? I've tried having a new thread that runs all the logic, then sleeps for 1ms every loop. This makes all the graphics go wonky, however…