JmeConvert tool

Seems I missed a lot in the last couple of month of my absence here :slight_smile: That is what I always was looking for, so I can even gradlefy it I guess. Super cool. Thanks a lot for your efforts. Definitely a step in the right direction.

Thanks. It should be pretty trivial to gradle-ify, I guess.

Edit: I tried to write it with that in mind, as I recall. Making sure command line options mapped to actual setters/getters on the class to make it easier to configure “in code” for something like gradle, ie: you could just instantiate JmeConvert and set properties.

…if I missed something then let me know.

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Ive noticed a strange issue. In virtually all animated(?) models the eyes don’t appear, or maybe they’ve moved inside the head. The woman above and this model show the issue.

Do eyes have some sort of special case or something? Why just the eyes?

well, as i observed, JME generally have problem with skeleton animated objects that are not in (0,0,0) origin(for example eyes). That was annoying me so i needed use some tricks.

Yeah I know about that problem, but in this particular case only the eyes are affected and everything else works.

I’m not sure what’s going on with this. I wonder if it’s worth its own thread (since it’s a gltf issue) and maybe others will see it? (I don’t know if every gltf user is also reading this JmeConvert thread.)

The model I used in my example above seems to have eyes but they look strange for some reason. I thought maybe it was a material issue but perhaps it’s the same issue just manifested in a more visual way.

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Any plan for releasing this into Bintray?

Yeah, I could do it. Since it was built as a stand-alone tool, I haven’t really thought of it but there is no reason that it couldn’t be used like a library, too. (It’s written that way, anyway.)


Just pushed a new release with some fixes for GLTF extras and the weird way that JME does serialization. Prebuilt binaries here:

I’ve also uploaded a release to bintray for anyone wanting to embed this converter directly into their application:


Kool beans. I plan on using this for my javaFX learning phase by building an GUI for it.

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Thanks for bintray release.

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