JMEDesktop and the invisible panel

For some reason it would seem that JMEDesktop does not like things that have been either added after the scene is displayed, or was invisible when it was displayed and setVisible is called after the program began.  No matter what repaint(), revalidate(), updateUI(), etc. it does not show up.  This is really easy to reproduce as just creating a button, setVisible(false) on it, adding it directly to the jmeDesktop.getJDesktop().add(button), and then button.setVisible(true) after the scene is displayed.

Yes, it was my fault…I was adding the JPanel directly instead of adding the JScrollPane that encapsulates it.  In recognition of this, I have changed my signature.

It's a rip-off of Renanse's but I think it's more appropriate.  Enjoy!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you should give yourself more credit and say Recognizing stupidity…?  :wink:

That would be much less self deprecating…I think I'll stick with this. :wink:

are there means to make a signature's font bold?  XD