JMEDesktop for jME3?

Is anyone working this? Or was it abandoned for Nifty GUI?

I think NiftyGUI is the way to go if you’re using jme3.

I used JMEDesktop in jme2 for my game and it was really poor performance wise (compared to fengGUI and other options). Imo, I’d learn NiftyGUI instead of trying to get JMEDesktop to work. It’s by far more superior and better supported.

Someone was doing something with embedding Swing components in a jME3 scene… its around here somewhere

Edit: Here it is:

Thanks for the cross-link to the swing3d. Unfortunately this is not new development, it is upgrading the underlying version of jME used in a project that makes extensive use of swing. The jME component is called Ares and it is a part of a much larger simulation product: Ares is the RTS looking image at the bottom. From the image it doesn’t look like much, but what it provides to the simulation it is built on is invaluable. The terrain is exactly what the simulation runs on (Triangular Irregular Networks) – great big frowny face here for multiple levels of detail. It has no textures, just a trafficability code which has some detailed soil, surface, vegetation information, so all textures have to be mapped from a datafile.

Critical mass on Swing components in the system was reached before we started implementing a viewer/input system based on jME. I started converting the JMEDesktop to be a scene processor similar to nifty gui this afternoon. Once I finish updating the rest of the system to jME3 I’ll get it tested & hand it over as contributed code. I think I can get permission to hand over our Sun RGB image, OpenFlight model, and LWO model loaders too.

That’s a pretty cool project! The JMEDesktop contribution would be great. There were a lot of people asking for widget-based GUI addition to jME3.