jMEDesktop help

Hi everyone!,

I just being in trouble trying to implement a JMEDesktop in my FixedFramerateGame. I have a avatar a md5 made on blender and it walks using the keyboard input (ASDW) and I'm trying to make a Desktop on it using JMEDesktop.

Having as a reference the I put on screen the frames, buttons and cursor but there is the trouble, when I intend to move the mouse it doesn't and the mnemonics dont work either, they look like disabled.

I guess it is because I'm making a new InputHandler that, reviewing the which is extending the SimpleGame application it already has a input and fps, and it's not implemented in a FixedFramerateGame, I don't know how to remove the mouse cursor from my avatar… can you help me with this, please?

I'm trying to put the play, pause, and close in buttons to handle it as "the sims" or something like that.

thanks for your help!   ;)

Is there a specific reason you are using JME-Desktop?

I really (really) like FengGUI…

(To make mouse cursor invisible try MouseInput.get().setCursorVisible( false ); )

Thank you very much basixs! I give up with JMEDesktop :x

I was just trying to use the elemental javax swing :// but I'll give it a try with FengGUI :wink:

thanks for the advice  :slight_smile:


Feel free to ask questions about FengGUI on the jME forums :slight_smile: