JMEDesktop memory consumption

If a textfield has the focus in JMEDesktop,

whenever caret blinks, memory is going up constantly.

(you can check it by running TestJMEDesktop)

It's not memory leak, because it is garbage collected if System.gc() is called.

Can I release the memory without gc() call?

gc() makes a program pause for short period of time.

Thanks in advance. :lol:

Well thats what the GC is there for, he will be called automagically when needed.

If you want to reduce the GC workload, you could check what object is created when the caret blinks, and create a patch, so that no new object needs to be created.

Thanks.  :slight_smile:

I'm wondering why it happens, because normal swing application (not with jME) doesn't have this kind of problem.

I'll check it.