JMEDesktop question

I've been using NUI for some time, but I've encountered various problems over the span. I've also done a bit of customization such as password masking, text area scrolling and buffers for in game chat. My questions are:

  1. How is the performance of JMEDesktop compared with NUI?
  2. How tough would it be to switch over from NUI?
  3. Is this just the latest fad GUI for JME, or is the plan to continue to support it for the long haul?

    Answers to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated before I decided to bite the bullet and switch or stick it out with NUI.

    Many thanks.
  1. NUI will most likely be faster in most aspects. But I cannot estimate something like 'twice' as fast or something.
  2. Well that surely depends on what you make use of in NUI and how much code you have to port. It's the same like switching to swing. (If you are not familiar with swing it's harder, of course)
  3. I think JMEDesktop should stay in the engine to allow people to get a quick start with their GUIs. Thus I'm going to support making simple ones with it. It's certainly not the thing that should go into a GUI-intense game (e.g. one usually wants more animation and effects in a game GUI - with more performance).

Irrisor, they may be a complete far out come what planet do you come from question but…

The jmedesktop, when not in focus, does each component need to be drawn each frame, if so, could a tweak be done to take a still image of the desktop, then when not in focus, just render the still on the jmedesktop quad.

This of course, if possible, should be an option as some may want animations or live info all the time in the desktop

kidneybean, JMEDesktop does paint on the texture only if neccessary, regardless if focused or not. It changes the texture when you click a button or move a component etc. This normally does not happen every frame. When not repainted JMEDesktop is as fast as any other textured Quad.

Aha, cast down any doubters of the mighty implementations of Irrisor

Thanks for the reply. One more question. How does JMEDesktop handle variable width fonts? Does it treat all text as fixed width?

Great. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I looked at the test. It looks pretty nice. I've decided to switch two it. Now the pain begins.  :stuck_out_tongue: