JMEDesktop texture cache


The JMEDesktop grabs the graphics of an awt component and creates a texture and places it on a quad or something right?

Is clearing the texture cache done when updating the texture?

I'm using the JMEDesktop alot and have noticed that just having a text field with a cursor blinking is filling up the memory usage constantly.

Could it be that everytime something is happening (f.ex. the cursor is hidden/made visible, a button is pressed, even moving the mouse cursor over the component, or any repaint) on the component the texture is replaced but the cache is not cleared?

The texture is updated not replaced so the texture cache should not interfere here. No idea where the memory is going, though. You could profile it to learn moreā€¦

I'm using Netbeans but I'm new to profiling. It seems like java.awt.Rectangle is involved. Live bytes increases with about 500 bytes/per second for Rectangle when the cursor is flashing. But I don't really know what to look for.

The total increase is about 30 kb/second.

You can see it in TestJMEDesktop.

Just click in one of the textfields and watch the memory usage.