JMEDesktopState and StrategicHandler

Hello there,

I've got a small problem using StrategicHandler AND JMEDesktop.

For our game we use the strategicHandler Library. But now that we need some inputFields (for a serverIp and such things) we need a little Portion of the JMEDesktopState.

This state collides with the Handler as there are 2 different mice-cursors. If I disable the standard mouse and add the strategicHandler Textfields and Buttons are not clickable anymore.

Does anyone have a solution to that problem ? Or a basic idea what to do?

Regards Mimic

What is StrategicHandler? And what GUI does it use?

StrategicHandler is an external library made by lex

So this Handler could be applied as input for Gamestates. If I use JMEDesktopState there is no chance to change the inputhandler as it is private and there is no setter…

Well, seems you need to ask lex then … lex?

…or post in that thread…