Hi to all.

I am bussy with a jME scene creator tool. This tool will give you the ability to create a complete scene in jME. It currently supports most RenderStates, Primitive object type(box, sphere, etc.), Models, and transformation options.

Here is a screenshot:

And you can download it from here:

Please give me your comments regarding this?[/img]

It looks pretty cool 8) . Reminds me of Milkshape3D. Just a few things you may find useful.

To run it under windows you need to modify the script to this:

java -Djava.library.path=.lib -cp .;.lib;.liblwjgl.jar;.libjme.jar

Would be good if item selction was through picking using the mouse instead of going through Select Spatial.

Loading/saving addition would be great.

Might be useful if SceneGraph was in the left or right hand side of the nodes allowing moving nodes from one place to another. (This means recalculating the SG on the fly.

Would be great if you can drag and drop things into it.

Texture addition would be pretty cool if possible.

Would be good if a different shape/symbol was used for light nodes.

Addition of the camera node could be beneficial.

Zooming in/out would be good.

hope this is useful.


very nice. Found it very useful.

However, i couldn’t manage to load a model onto the scene. It kept saying please insert a name of the model. Which I have done.

I recon this is the best editor so far.

Also, the camera in the 3d view seems to be able to roll. Perhaps you should set a lock axis on it?


Looks really nice. I like :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replies. I am still working to perfect this editor, but all these comments help. It currently only loads md2, milkshapeascii and ase models.

I was thinking of extracting the controlls to be a seperate swing thread like Badmi’s editor, but don’t know if that will be nice enough.

What do you think?

With seperate controls, I will be able to do a lot more.

It’s a great start. I hope you keep working on it. I think the biggest thing that came to my mind when using it was how difficult it was to select a scene item to change. Also, it would be useful if I could edit existing states. (if there is a way, I guess it wasn’t clear enough to me. :)) Thanks for working on this though, it looks good!

I was thinking of extracting the controlls to be a seperate swing thread like Badmi's editor, but don't know if that will be nice enough.

If this offers you more flexibility, go for it.

Hi again there.

Development of the second version for jMEditor is in progress. I must say it is going to be a big improvement. You will be able to select spatials while the app is live and running.

Selected spatials will then be highlighted so you can see what is going on.

I’m also looking at writing plugin functionality, so that you as user can write your own scene saver class and scene loader class, or just using the default one.

Here are some screenshots:

A shot of two spatials. One is selected (drfreak) and the torus is not.


umm…what can I say…other than…WOW!

This is very very useful for me anyway and I will provide any support you need if you need any.

So when shall we expect 0.2? :wink:


Well, I was thinking after jME0.7 is released. I still have some small issues but it is nothing I can’t handle, well I hope not.

Other than that I’m just waiting for you guys. I still want to add terrain generation and loading as well as some stuff I may have missed which are in the jME engine, for example PQTorus.

Thanks any ways for your support

Uh… wow. That looks really good.

In another thread, Badmi had the idea (excellent, IMHO) to allow for integrating his editor with a live scene / running game. You may want to consider doing the same thing.

I haven’t tried either editor, but there may be stuff in each of them that the other hadn’t thought of, yet… both of you guys may be able to benefit from collaberation, or at least checking out the other’s editor.

Anyway… again, very cool.


just had an idea.

Your going to be saving to a .jme file right? or your own format?

Either way, i was hoping to add a little text box so that we can edit the file before exporting.

Doing this at the moment meaning changing binary to xml, modifying xml, and going to binary again. Which is just a hassle.

But because (if your using .jme) your going to be outputting to xml format first before binary, then make it editable before converting. That would be awsome.


Looks great… Is that a Mac you are running on?? Oh and since .7 jME is out now, we can expect .2 of your editor in the next few days right? :wink:

I’m definatly working on it.

DarkProphet, that sounds like a good idea.

I will see what I can do. Recarding the release, I will try my best to get it out as soon as possible.

O yes. One question.

I’ve got a node with a light state and children. How can I change this so that one of the children nodes is not affected by the light?

Spatial.setLightCombineMode(LightState.OFF) ?

in case the ? means you aren’t sure, let me just say you’re right. :slight_smile:

Waits patiently :slight_smile: Still waiting for this, looks absolutely fantastic.