jMEPhysics + Odejava GPGPU project

Hi all,

I'm starting this project shown on the topic title. Talked to Irrisor some time ago and he said it would be very nice indeed.

I talked to some contacts here in Brasil (we spell it with S) and I found this guy, Mark Eric, a masters student at Universidade Federal Fluminense (, who is porting some parts of ODE to GPGPU. For those who don't know the concept, GPGPU is an aproach for using a GPU for General Purpose computing. Physics engine solvers are some of the comptations that paralelise well to GPUs.

I'm starting this and lets assume it as a health competition against Baune's attempt to port PhysX to jME.

My goal is to bring TRANSPARENT physics performance improvement for games that use jMEPhysics2 as their physics engine. Since the GPGPU code is going to be at odejava level, we plan to add it as a alternate lib, for using when a capable GPU is present and the functionality is desired by the developer (have to talk to Irrisor later on how to do this if we suceed). I repeat, the idea is to need ZERO effort from the game developer who already use jMEPhysics.

Some details:

  • Mark is already doing some port of ODE's lcp solver to GLSL.
  • It's still at an early stage, but the good news are that less effort on code porting will be needed since he's already using GLSL.
  • I'll be helping him in this and porting the functionality to odejava.

    I'll keep everybody informed on our progress in this thread, so interested people should mark it for replies notifying.

    Best regards everyone…

Good luck!  Sounds like another very cool and interesting project.

You're not competing with me because I'm totally unfaithful when it comes to physics engines: If you're make something

that's better I'll just use that  :smiley: :smiley: