JMEPhysics - SyntheticButton, CollisionEventHandler

Hi all,

I'm planning to use JME Physics in my game. Now I'm still learning about this module and stumbled on the tutorial lesson 6 and 8 from the CVS. It seems that the code didn't execute properly. Here is the part that I think not working correctly in the lesson 6:

final SyntheticButton collisionEventHandler = lowerFloor.getCollisionEventHandler();

Good catch. That's a bug. I was able to fix it locally. Though CVS ( seems to be offline currently. I'll commit it as soon as it works again.


great. thanks for the help… :smiley:


Just want to point out minor fault in Lesson8. The description said that the box only able to jump when it touches the floor, however the code below makes the playerOnFloor value to be always set to true.

// collision events analoguous to Lesson8

You are right, that should be 'false' (fixed in cvs now) because 'true' causes the InputHandler to invoke the action until a release-event - which is not supported by physics, yet.