Download a compiled version: Download from Google Drive
Either run the JmeWindows executable or: java -jar jme_main.jar

JmeSourceBuilder is a javafx-based git / gradle autonomizer to simplify the various tasks involving the jMonkey engine and its contributions. The goal of this project is thus:

  • To be able to use any branch of the engine and/or SDK available on git and - critically - use the latest commited version (usually known as bleeding-edge).

  • To be able to use other peoples contributions that are not available on a maven repository.

  • To provide autonomous pull/build tasks, including building them to your local maven repository.

  • To provide a β€œjme://” protocol to the end-user and allow clickable links from within the jmonkey website so users can click a hyperlink to import/build/run your contribution/game. This means I can upload my game to github and anybody can just click a hyperlink and play it without any further steps involved (other than a GUI confirmation, obviously).

This means I can use the latest committed version of the engine and any other contribution available on git and provide a hyperlink for users to play my game/contribution. Almost all user contributions are not available as maven dependencies. It is unrealistic to expect this to change. This application intends to solve that problem.


I realise the irony of having to download and compile an application that is supposed to stop you doing that, so I provided a compiled/executable download link in the main post.