JMETest issue

After the install of the new Ubuntu version, the first thing i did was install java and the JMP XD

But after many updates i found that the JME3Test project doesn’t compile… I’ve seen the source code and it seems to be very outdated… How it is possible? Thx monkeys :wink:

you sure you updated to the nightly?

Also did you create a new test project after updating?

Yes!!! I’ve done both…

To update i check for updates in the help windows, but sincerely i don’t know if it is the right way


in jmp, go to tools > plugins > settings > update to nightly

In windows i haven’t read the fucking manual and the updates have been done correctly. So i thought that maybe it was a Ubuntu problem.However can you link the way it has to be done?

thanks werzule, i forgot to do this

hey i am a beginner…i am finding some problems in JmeTest…sum places such as n…n other places in the JmeTest…what shud i do…?? plsss help…