JMonkey 2 and JRebel


I started to play around with JRebel and tested how the reloading of classes in a Jmonkey application works. After that i have make a tutorial and Jrebel-Plugin for Jmonkey 2. :slight_smile:

Maybe some on has interest:




It would be nice to have a blog post on the site. :slight_smile:

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Heh, nice, goes in the same direction as the GWT integration suggested for GSoC… In what context do you use this? Webstart application? Server application? Why do you need to deploy jME to a server?

Thx! The tutorial shows, how the patching and reloading from Jrebel in an simple application Jmonkey 2 context work. ItΒ΄s more like a case study.

In my blog post i have attached a short video …

arek said:(...)
It would be nice to have a blog post on the site. :)
It's been a while since we've done a "spotlight" so that could be fun, but I'd much rather publish a post that relates to jME3. At this point we're not really served well by promoting jME2 tools at all, since we'd rather point users to the more user friendly and actively supported jME3.

I read your "case study", it's looking good! I also noticed that you have indeed given jME3 some thought. So, let me know if that thought becomes reality ;)


ok, in next days i will start up part 2 for jme3. i will let you know it it if is finished. :slight_smile: