Jmonkey Alternative Scene Editors

Hi, I remember @mifth worked on a simpleworldeditor, found here: Simple World Editor (v0.18)

However, I remember a couple other ones that people have made, within the past two years I think… My googling has not returned what I’m looking for so if anyone remember what it was called or where I can find it, that would be great. Thanks.

Yes, I did SimpleWorldEditor. It has basic stuf:

  • add and transform objects
  • add custom data to objects.

But i did a mistake when i choose NiftyGui as UI.
If you write your own editor, please, take javafx of java internal gui lib.

You are asking us to point you to something where you don’t even know what it is? :slight_smile:

Edit: Afaik none of the “scene editors” people started got anywhere near to a state where they could be considered generic scene editors. Most were based on specific game implementations that their creators had in mind.