JMonkey and SQLite

Hi to everybody

First of all excuse me for my ugly english…

I’m a totally newbie about android developing so excuse me also for the trivial question.

I’m trying to make a small project for my company, using jmonkey and android.
I need to connect to a local SQLite db, for fetching the coordinates of some meshes and display it into a scene.
In windows it works well, using the sqlite jdbc, but the jdbc seems to be not compatible with android.
So i’ve tried to implement the “non-jdbc” access method to sqlite, but to do this i need to import the package android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase; and some others.
Adding the android.jar solves the dependences but obtain wierld errors when i try to build, it seems that using “libraries” is not a good idea, but now i’m stucked.
Can anybody help me please?

Thanks in advance.

Why not use the jme internal serialisation system?

It could be a solution (for now), anyway i’m wondering how to use the android system calls to access to its devices… i’ve not understood how to use the android.jar library and deploy the whole project whitout errors…