JMonkey and Windows Smart Screen

Hello dear Community,
I me and a friend are new to JMonkey and when I download it and try to install it I’m getting a warning of Windows Smart Screen (Windows 10) So… any help…?

Edit: Just scanned it with McAfee annd there aren’t any problems… (I heard McAfee never detects viruses…)

This is open source software. That’s not how this works. It’s not how any of this works.


The SmartScreen filter built into Windows automatically scans applications, files, downloads, and websites, blocking known-dangerous content

Java is very dangerous to C#'s market share and must be stopped! :joy:


A virus is a tricky word to understand. An application listening to keystrokes could be a good description, yet it describes almost all of them. A screen capture app again falls in both sectors.

From my invested whitehat experience, a virus is something that intentionally causes undesired actions. And thus the only differentiation is most often human reporting; hence viruses usually span a large area before detection.

The primary difference between the top anti-virus and any other is time. The database is key. Windows defender may be a few hours behind. In a company that time is vital, so you should employ appropriate software. At home, I very rarely stray into dirty water, so I’m good.

The zombie I wrote maybe 8 years ago now still isn’t detected because it only infected maybe 10-15k computers, adequate for my needs at the time - albeit whitehat.

It’s only when they become a problem that they become part of the global virus database.

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