jMonkey as an Visualisation Tool


I am currently doing some research for a 3d engine to use for a visualisation tool.Currently i've narrowed my choices down to jMonkey and Xith3d. I'll probably be incoporating the 3d engine into an eclipse platform for geometric modelling. How well does JMonkey integrate with standalone apps like the Eclipse framework ? … Does anyone have any insight into these area (i.e visualisation tools etc) using JMonkey ?

Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks Dave

Well, I do know that jME works great as part of Swing applications. But i have no idea how it would perform in SWT applications. Especially as there is no GUI element class for SWT right now.

But if you are profficient with SWT development it might not be too hard to port jME's Swing classes to SWT.

MonkeyWorld3D was done in SWT and jME combo.  Maybe tGiant and Outrunner can comment further.

Thanks for the replies, I have another quick question, is it possible for Jmonkey to render multiple Java panel independely, (i.e. different perspectives for example) or can JMonkey or render one scene per application.


It's definitely possible to have more than one canvas, each can have its very own scene it displays but it shouldn't be hard to feed them all with the same input and just have the camera located differently. Exactly as you would need it for a 3D modeling tool.

That's not entirely true. Showing the same scenegraph in more than one canvas had problems with the texture ids. You would need the same texture id in all contexts or multiple texture ids. I believe this was not fixed, yet, as it requires a revamp of the texture manager… though something was changed regarding texture ids… are textures in multiple contexts supported?