Jmonkey Code Compiler

Hi I want to know which Compiler to use for compiling Jmonkey class I used Javac when reading tutorials section but it gives a ton of errors when compiling can you please tell me about a good compiler which compiles Jmonkey classes smoothly. Offtopic : Its a damn good engine I've ever seen in Java engines. :smiley:

Doesn't really matter as long as it supports Java 5 (which is what we're using in the CVS version AFAIK). If you get ton's of errors than you've probably failed setting up the project correctly. Check out the relevant articles in the Wiki and post the error messages here.

i can recommend installing an IDE like Eclipse to create your projects in, to make your development easier.

i believe there are some tutorials on the wiki or so on how to set things up with eclipse(can anyone fill in the links?)

Hereโ€™s the tutorial on setting up an Eclipse project to build jME:

Setting up Eclipse to Build jME