jMonkey does not rendering textures properly?


My objective is to apply textures to some parts of my models. For instance in the image attached, I want to apply textures to floor. For that I created a material and applied to the floor (in edit mode) in blender and applied a texture to it as well. I then imported the model in jMonkey and edited it and changed the material to unshaded and reapplied the texture to colormap (as shown in the image) but when I render it in the game, it shows only grey color instead of the texture. When I try to put some wooden thing, it simply turns brown. ??

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I’m speechless.

Is it by chance only showing one of the corner pixels of the image?
You are probably missing texture coordinates

My findings::
UV mapping works flawlessly.
Texture size should be small (<256x256), depending on the number of models though.
Texture size should be power of two, otherwise they appear black (64,128,256,512,1024 etc).