JMonkey Engine speech @ Google I/O Extended

I’m probably gonna make a speech about JME at Google I/O Extended in Catania (Sicily, Italy). I’d like to know if there are any material (like slides, presentations etc…) and some tips on how to organize the outline. This speech is gonna last ~45 minutes and i prefer to make it as less technical as possible as i’d like to involve not only programmers but also artists and anyone that’s interested in knowing what JME is and what’s capable to do :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s very good news!
I think many of us would like to see your speech when you do it. Any chances for an YouTube video?

Maybe it’s going to be streamed, but it’ll entirely speak in Italian.

Too bad i am bound to my work in may. But i have to check the flights.
A few days in sicily sounds like fun.
Is there a timetabe somewhere?

Mmh, what do you mean by timetabe? Do you mean one about the entire Google I/O extended event?

If there os something like that, regaring topics an time. Only found one for 2016

It’s still working, i’ll post a mostly-definitive version here as soon as possible.

Here is the complete timetabe of speeches and workshops (in Italian):

My speech on JME will be on Wednesday 17, at 16;40 :slight_smile:


Streaming is live! - YouTube

My speech will be this afternoon :slight_smile: