JMonkey Engine splash intro


I made a sound for @RiccardoBlb that had to be mated with the monkey logo in his splash screen some days ago. We decided then to release that sound but i thought that bringing the sound alone would’ve been pretty rude,so i decided to make a little introduction to JME videos/games.

I link all projects and files used to make the video,sound it’s into the folder too. Everything it’s a bit chaotic and rough as i’m not an expert user of blender and i made all this in spare time because i have to split my days into studying and working,so contributions are really appreciated :slight_smile:

Full intro:

(I’ll make the video public when it will be cool enough).

Projects and files:


Nice work. An animated monkey swinging that liana would look better of course.
I guess that blue thing is a liana? It moves so quickly out of view.

I like the timing and the white flash.

I don’t like the text - mainly the colors and placement.
To improve it: try to set the “Powered by” text a little higher (above the “Jmonkey Engine” text).

How do you show the video inside your game? Are you using Java FX for that?
Or is that only for Youtube?

Have Fun,

Thanks for comment.However i’m terrible at drawing and i used just ready-to-use sprites.

The text is not made by me,but by @RiccardoBlb. Anyway projects and files are open,if you want to fix it you’re free.

How about using Jaime Cinematic example, at the test projects it is cool if you are game is 3D with all shadow and lights, it show also the engine capabilities

This means remaking everything,as cinematics mechanics are totally different from blender’s. I never studied that feature,but this is a good idea for someone who already owns jmonkey’s cinematics knowledge :smiley:

Ok, I could send you the video and you do your magic with the video editor :wink: and sound stuff

what do you think about this

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