JMonkey JavaDoc in NetBeans by pressing F1

Hello Monkeys XD
First i want to thank you all for this great open source java 3D engine, its really really sweet!

After reading ALL tutorials about jmonkey, there is one thing which i cant figure out:
If i mark a class like “Spatial” or “Geometry” in my JMonkey-NetBeans environment and press F1, i always jump to the great jmonkey help page. BUT: i dont want this :wink:
What i want is to jump to the JavaDoc ( to the correct place locally (like press F1 on a method, a class or everything else). I know, i can use CTRL+SPACE to get the javaDoc inline, but i want to see the whole documentation if i press F1. I also don’t want to loose the standard jmonkey help pages, so how can i do this?
Thank you all :slight_smile:



Hy normen,
sorry but that don’t work like i wish to.
If i use this, i only see a little description about the class, and not the whole javadoc for the selected text. I want to see the whole javadoc :slight_smile:

Help->Javadoc->jMonkeyEngine? You can also open whatever you see in the ctrl-space window in the browser using the button in that window. Else write a plugin for what you want exactly, its not hard :slight_smile:
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Is it right that the javadoc can be only used in my browser?
If yes, is it possible to jump into the javadoc by pressing a key like F2 or something?

/sigh… I thought you had at least looked into the keyboard mapping:

You made my day! Shift+F1 was the key i looked for.
I dont understand why Ctrl+F1 don’t work on my mac book pro, but shift+f1 is that what i want. Thank you!