JMonkey linked with an Agent interpreter JASON


I’m new here so I introduce myself :).

I’m almost a noob with jMonkey, but I see a lot of possibilities with it for my personal projects, that’s why I’m trying to learn. I’ve already done a few small projects with it, but now I want something a little bit bigger.

These time I’m looking forward to make an application that represents JASON’s agents on jMonkey, however, I have no idea how can I do that, connecting to different platforms such as jMonkey and JASON.

I heard something about creating a server for “listening” the queries from JASON, and then “answering” them back, but I’m not sure about that.

Does anybody have some ideas for this?

If somebody is interested, I leave the link for JASON:


I’ve been researching, and trying to add the JASON platform into a jmonkey project. All I reach in this directions is just some couple of errors…

Sorry, I don’t use JASON…

Whats your issue exactly? If you want to kow how to use JASON you will have to read its documentation and not ask jME developers? Also you give zero info on what you tried, what you actually want to do or how what you tried failed.

Sorry, I didn’t post any of my issues…

Well the first thing I tried was to import all JASON utilities into jMonkey program, but I realized that that was quite crazy way to connect them, because I actually wrote to the JASON developers (After reading all JASON book) and asked them about how could I do that. No answer, so I just discard that idea.

Second thing I was trying. Importing jMonkey into JASON, same result, JASON is not a good friend when you try to import things to it, because the way that is ran. Anyway, I still tried another things, that was importing just the network capabilities of jMonkey to JASON, so far he same result.

The last thing I tried (And of course the one witch runs) is going down leveling and start to implement a server on jMonkey and a client on JASON. All that programmed via Berkeley sockets. Tough work, but is working right now. JASON is not complaining, because it is actually “normal” java, not imported, and jMonkey is looking at me with I’m-sorry-for-you face.

Thanks for the replays anyway, and see you around :wink: