JMonkey on BeagleBoard?

Hi. I’m trying to evaluate if I should use JMonkey for a project.

I’m looking to use it on the, which runs an embedded Linux and outputs to HD video. It says it supports OpenGL ES 2.0.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Looks like a cool thing, but unforunately it wont work  :expressionless:

First of all, Java only runs on x86 and x86_64 architectures, and not on ARM microprocessors which this one uses. Second, jME supports regular OpenGL only, not OpenGL ES.

Actually, there are plenty of Java examples for ARM processors.  But the comment about OpenGL ES is spot on.

Look at J2SE for embedded systems, it is between J2SE and J2ME, it works on embedded systems under Linux with ARM processor(s). Look at JOGL 2 (no official release candidate yet) to use JOGL-ES but there is no plan of supporting JOGL 2 in JME 2 as far as I know, it is too early.

Now that's quite interesting… There wasn't anything functional available a few years ago apart from the Sun JVM, but now you got Kaffe and the classpath project is rather well developed (apart from swing). Moreover, there's this:

It's "early access" but I think it's probably the best you can get at this point. Even if JOGL 2.0 does support OpenGL ES, you still need to port the native binding to ARM Linux for it to work.