JMonkey shaders doesn't work for me

Hello guys I have a problem with the shaders in the HelloWorld example. Here is a short video where you can see what happens.

I use a HD6970

Thank you

uh…sorry but i can’t see what happens…

Could you describe the issue?

As you use Eclipse, possibly, you will need to change paths in j3md or somewhere else?

Well, i can`t make my sphere shine :frowning: Is the same with JME platform IDE

ok, that’s probably because shininess handling has changed since the tuto was made.

Also i noticed that the normal map is inverted (this changed a while back too)

I guess wee need to make some cleaning in the tutos.

So can you tell me how to make that rock shine with the SDK? :slight_smile:

would be awesome if this problem could be solved … i was going through the tut’s and the rock is not shining … though the video is not available anymore: i hope he meant tutorial no. 6 hello materials.