jMonkey Team for Ludum Dare 24 Jam – Development log

Continuing where @wezrule 's original thread left off, here’s the official development log & overall project thread.

Team Page

High Concept

Wesley’s Live Stream (sporadically on)


jMonkey Team

The jMonkey Team is comprised by 6 members from the jMonkeyEngine community, with @wezrule leading the charge.

Wesley @wezrule

Role: Lead Programmer & Designer

Country: United Kingdom (GMT)

Greg @gbluntzer

Role: Artist, Sounds & Design

Country: United States of America (GMT -6)

Terry @terry90

Role: Programmer

Country: Germany (GMT+1)

Marc @darthaffe

Role: Programmer

Country: Germany (UTC+2 MESZ)


Erlend @erlend_sh

Role: PR & Testing

Country: Norway (GMT+1)

Paul @mifth

Role: Artist

Country: Russia


First draft of the high concept doc:

@erlend_sh said:
Team Page
High Concept

Do these links work for anyone...?

Do you need us to provide more crazy ideas? ;)

nah we got enough crazy ideas thanks :P, I’m working with some really awesome people and we are all working very hard :slight_smile: go Team JMonkey!!

I’m totally going to stay tuned on this!

soooo, what’s happening with this?

you’ll have to find out :wink: we still have about 26 hours left, although most of my team has to work/busy tomorrow, and there is still so much to do.

to wet your appetite :slight_smile:

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It looks blurry good! :stuck_out_tongue: Good to see it going the way it is.

question, is this gonna be open-source? don’t know why but I think I read that somewhere and since so many ld’s are os. (atleast the individual ones)

looks nice!

I would highly doubt the guys wouldn’t release the source code.

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I bet as this will rock! I was already looking at the repo, because someone had posted on the previous topic.

Three hours or so to go right?

Good luck guys.

so where did you guys land on the name? i don’t have enough time to play all 1404 of them.

looks like we didn’t make it in time to submit it. :frowning: waiting for @wezrule to wake up and confirm this.

He probably fell asleep while uploading the files :D… anyways i had tons of fun, it was a pleasure to work with all of you. Next time we definitely need a better time management.

well, it isn’t submitted.

@wezrule started the upload at ~ 2:30 (GMT+1), but then disappeared…

I hope he’s ok :slight_smile:

That would suck. Are you able to get it entered even so? You have a public online repo so they can see you got it done in time.

It is not completely done. Gameplay is not finished. The assets and even the mechanics are there already, but there was not enough time to bring it together i guess. And yeah lets hope @wezrule is alright.

p.s. I’m pretty sure we are going to finish and polish the stuff we have and “release” it anyway. This time without any time issues. Maybe some people can learn from the code, even if these are not the best ways.

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