Jmonkey World Builder

Project name: JME World Builder (JWB)
Status: Very early Alpha development

Download: Download Jpony Game Development Kit

Update* - I’m back to working on this in my spare time. The project has under gone a lot of changes. You can still download the project from above but be warned I have yet to make documentation for it. Once I settle on a naming convention and add a few more things in I’m going to create some documentation but until then be patient.

JME World Builder (JWB) was created with the goal of creating games using the visual elements of the JME SDK (Scene Editor , Terrain Editor , etc.) and minimizing the amount of coding required to create your game. The project is compilation of common gaming mechanics that can be made via the scene editor or with just a few short lines of code. The video below was made using the scene editor and about 10 lines of code not including white spaces and auto generated code.

The current state of the project and the overall progress as of now.

Automatic processing of render culling.

Dynamic physics space removal of objects. **This means the engine can add/remove stuff from the physics space automatically in order to save processor power. For example objects too far from your character to interact with are removed from the physics space.(Partially done still optimizing performance)

Default controls for First Person Shooter.

Default controls for Third Person Shooter.

Automatic processing of sound effects for items and back ground music/ambience. ** much more to come with sound effects.

Automatic processing of item detail display information and adding items to inventory.

Basic animation.

TO DO ** This list is so long I’m only going to list my next major goals.

Default Third and First person clicker controls.

Advanced animation for working with multiple channels.

An entity (NPC) system.

2d interface/sprites system that includes basic controls such as buttons, text boxes , etc.

If you like the project or want to contribute please send me a message or respond to the post.


It seems interesting but I can’t understand how it is intended to be used. Maybe you could show more about the 15 minutes creation process?

I am myself curently creating an entity editor for general game creation purpose, inspired by Unity, powered by jMonkey :slight_smile: It uses the @pspeed’s Zay-ES entity system as a base and JavaFX. If you want to migrate your project to entity system architecture, we may merge our work.

Please tell us more !

Sounds like that could possibly work. I’ll make a video when I get some free time explaining how it works. It’s very simple and straight forward.

I hate to do this but until I get a website/blog up and running … bump for update.