jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Cookbook contest!


As you might know the jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Cookbook was published some time ago.
Slightly overdue, it’s time to have a little competition celebrating this.
The competition will follow in a similar format set up by the Blendswap arcade contest from earlier this year. There will be a short time to make the best possible entry based on a given theme.

Here’s the boiler plate stuff, more information to come!

Timeline: Between December 7th to December 15th
Format: Make a game based on a given theme.

Any open source code and assets may be used according to their license.
The game must be completely open source and made freely available through a code repository like GitHub upon completion.
Game submission must be an executable, preferably fully functional on all PC platforms.

Judging criteria:
Adherence to theme. Ie, using the assets/theme to the fullest and any additional assets sticking to the theme.

Submission criteria:
Make a new thread on the forum and post your submission there, before the deadline. Specific requirements TBA.

Top 3 entries receive a physical copy of the jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Cookbook.
Two “special mentions” receive an e-book of the same. A special mention might be based on an entry scoring very high in one of the categories or an entry that in any other way is standing out but failing to get a top 3 placement.

Additional prizes might be announced (actively searching for other sponsors).

Three judges in total. Rickard Edén + two additional volunteers; anyone interested?

Please speak up if you might participate!

No takers yet huh…

Is 7th to 15th not a good time for many people? Is there something unappealing about the format?


May be, everybody already bought the book (like me) ;-).

My suggestion: schedule is near the next Ludum Dare from 5th-8th. The contest could be linked to it :

  • same theme
  • user could submit a version compo/jam for LD (or not).
  • user could submit a more polished version for this contest (more time : week-end x 2), or the same version.

OK. Let’s put this on hold and unfreeze it again after the holidays!
Consider this a preview. :wink:

I got tempted, but my lil game is already way out of schedule and I always run into lots of trouble so I’m bad at tight schedules :… also… gonna poke santa for the book :D.