jMonkeyEngine 3.1a Build Fails

I have created a new game in jMonkeyEngine 3.1a. I have enabled Android, Linux, Windows, and web start for platforms I want to suppost. I added some code and was going to build and run it however I’m getting an error during the build. It states ProjectName/nbproject/mobild-impl.xml:21 The following error occurred while executing this line: Target "release " does not exist in the project “BasicGameTemplate”. So I looked at the code here and this is what is there:

<target name="-mobile-deployment" depends="-test-android-enabled, -copy-android-libs" if="" unless="">
    <ant dir="mobile" target="release" inheritall="false"/>
    <copy todir="dist" verbose="false" flatten="true">
        <fileset dir="mobile/bin/">
            <include name="**/*.apk"/>

I have no idea what is going on here so any suggestions on what may be causing this problem will be greatly appreciated.

Looks like your android sdk isn’t properly set up. Start the tool for updating it and install the latest base packages etc.

I’m only planning to support Android version 16 and up. So I only had the sdk installed down to 16. Do I need to have older versions of the sdk for this to work?

Is there a mobile folder in your project after you enable the android deployment? How does the build.xml in that folder look?

Yes there is a mobile folder but there is not a build.xml file in that folder.

If you don’t have a MainActivity file in the important files or that file shows errors then you haven’t done everything needed, I guess?

All I have in the Important Files folder is a build file. In Tools->Options I have set the sdk path to the top level Android sdk folder. And in Project->Properties->Application->Android I have clicked the check box to enable Android development. Is there anything else that needs to be done for Android development?

Yes, you also need to uncheck “compile on save” and restart the jdk.

I was able to get tis working by going into Project->Properties->Android and disabling Android development and clicking OK. Then going back in and reenabling it.

I also noticed that in Project->Properties->Application if your title here has a space in it, it will break the creation of the base Android project when you click to enable it.