JMonkeyEngine 3 to Nokia Mobile phones?

I am sourav gupta a beginner in mobile game development…
so i wanted to know that is it possible to create a jar file from the JMonkeyEngine 3 and run it on nokia mobile phones such as s40 ,s60 etc.
thanks… =D

I don’t think those phones have the computing power to run jME3 games. Apparently they can run Java though. Best way to find out would be to try for yourself.

thanks for your reply
as you said to test my self…
so i did this
1.downloaded java me plugin in jmonkeyengine sdk 3
2.setted it up with a nokia sdk 1 emulator
3.wrote a hello world program in midlet and deployed as jar
4.and it worked… on a C2-02…

but please can you tell how can i use jmonkeyengine libraries and packages with midlet…
and you suggest an article on java me 3d game
thanks again

if i remember well, nokia mobile phones has a native qt support (they bought trolltech for 104 M € some years ago, only to put qt on their mobile phones). Maybe you should start here, as qt already provide a way to draw directly on a widget, and even a support for opengl widget.

I have little to no information about nokia mobile phones, so i don’t know if they have enough cpu/gpu power to handle jme. But if it’s the case, it would be nice to have jme on this device.