jMonkeyEngine 3 Tutorial (5) - Hello Input System error?

Hello I am having trouble with tutorial 5 Hello Input System ( When I copy the main sample source code from the webpage to jMonkeyEngine SDK and run it everything works fine except it won’t pause when “P” is pressed like it should. Am I doing something stupid/not doing something I should? It has been a few years since I used Java… Or has an update or similar event broken the tutorial?

Looks like it is working fine to me.

In that example it doesn’t pause the whole game. It just stops the keys J, K, SPACE and left click from doing anything.

If you want to disable the mouse movement as well, then either: disable the flycam, or detach the FlyCamAppState, then reenable/attach them when you unpause.

Thanks for clarifying wezrule the tutorial works like you say. For some reason I had the impression that when paused I would not be able swing the blue box around.