jMonkeyEngine at 2D Game

Hello, on start i want to say BIG HELLO to all forum members :slight_smile:

I have some question, i thinking about 2D game and i want use jME to to that. I seeking on forum posts that jME is engine for 3D game then is it good think that i use Camera to show me 2D based game but in real is still 3D game based, all program will be develop in 3D but camera show only 2D screen or just i need to seek another 2D engine for that.


On video in YouTube i see 2D game write on jME but dont know how technice is put there.

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Thx for answer.

If you still want to make a 2D game with JME you can use parallel projection. Just search for glOrtho on google.

I think you’re much better off using a dedicated 2D library for this like Slick2D. It’ll probably faster and more high-level stuff for 2D (like sprites), plus that Slick2D library uses LWJGL for rendering so it’s just as good in performance as jME.

You could use jME if you wanted. You can try out setting the camera to use parallel projection if thats the look you are going for. What kind of game would you like to make?

Thank You all for answers.

Hello guys,

I’m just starting in Java Programming, and l’m loving it (despite being a little difficult at first).

I’m thinking of developing a 2D side scrolling shoot-em-up, and hoping there’s a template / tutorial in jMonkey (it would be great to develop 2D and 3D games in jmonkey) – maybe integrate something like slick?

Anyways, thank you for keeping Java alive.

Just as Momoko_Fan said; why use a 3D API to make 2D games? You will only ever need one or the other, so it seems pointless to use merge 3D with 2D…

If you really need some 2D work done, then you can always use external 2D libraries or follow Quim’s advice… :slight_smile: