JMonkeyEngine Contest [Project Submission Now Open] [Closes Monday Febuary 22nd]

You may now begin working on and submit projects! The theme is “you can’t stop running.” A project must have it’s GitHub link posted here and it’s final commit submitted on or before February 17th 2016.

I was just looking at the LibGDX home page and I saw that they recently completed a contest about making games. I thought this would be an awesome thing for JMonkeyEngine to have as well. I’m not a JME3 core developer, so I can’t approve such a contest but I can propose one.

Here are my proposed rules/how the contest works:

  1. To start off, individuals submit categories as replies to this thread
  2. I’ll setup a poll, either as part of JME3’s forums or as a strawpoll
  3. Everyone votes on the category
  4. Once voting completes (probably a 24 hour voting period), the topic is selected and posted here
  5. Everyone may start with their game at this time
  6. Games should be uploaded to GitHub, have regular commits, and have public source code, although there are no disqualifications due to invalid commit frequencies as many people develop very differently
  7. You can work alone or in a team, but every person may submit at most one game (Ie. you can be in one team or you can work alone, but not both)
  8. The link to a team’s GitHub repository should be posted here
  9. You may use JME3 or JME3.1
  10. You may use any IDE or SDK you want
  11. You may use any other tools or libraries you want as long as the game still works through JMonkeyengine
  12. It is preferred that only open source or freely available tools are used so that others may learn from what you are doing, but it isn’t required. You may use your own library, but, if your own library already contains the majority of the game code (the community can vote on whether or not this is the case if someone brings it up) then you are disqualified.
  13. Your game should work on Windows, Mac, and Linux so that anyone can play it (you will be allowed to submit compatibility fixes after the deadline but other bugs may not be fixed)
  14. All games should be GPL, LGPL, BSD, MIT, or Apache licensed (primarily to ensure that there aren’t issues with judges illegally using someone’s game)
  15. At the end of the contest (probably 1-2 weeks) everyone must stop developing. Any commits submitted after the deadline will disqualify a project. If there is a commit just, for example, a few seconds after the deadline it should still be accepted as some people have low quality Internet connections.
  16. There should also be at least one Release uploaded to GitHub on or before the deadline. Not having a release disqualifies a project.
  17. After the deadline, anyone may vote on the games although it is recommend that you play them first. A game may be voted for more than once. This voting period will most likely last 2 days.
  18. If there are multiple tied winners, then a second poll will be held with just those tied winners
  19. The winner gets some sort of award? I’m not sure what can be provided here. LibGDX had very expensive awards that I doubt anyone here is willing to pay for.

Please let me know what you think about this idea. I think that this could both be a great opportunity for people new to Java or JMonkeyEngine to study the code of working (albeit minimal) games and provide them a chance to work on a team with more experienced developers. I think it could also be good at strengthening the community around JMonkeyEngine. Also, I am wondering what the reward could possibly be. I was thinking perhaps a “badge” on the forums that the JME3 administrators or core developers could hand out to, for example, the top 3 winners.

Lastly, feel free to start proposing categories.


Seems like a really neat idea and you seem to have thought it through thoroughly. As for the awards I’d say the winrar gets a custom forum flair and our undying admiration :stuck_out_tongue:.

Oh and that poll template is hilarious, I can’t stop myself from putting one here. So, um, rate how you feel about the suggestion or whatever :smile:

  • This is useful
  • This is pointless
  • I like tacos

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I don’t think many unzipping utilities will be participating in this contest.

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@MoffKalast No no, I love tacos :smiley:

Contest sounds like a fun idea, probably wouldn’t participate though, having too much fun with Carpe Diem :slight_smile:


I’ll put up the poll for topics once we get 5-10 suggestions and a JME3 core developer approves of this (and agrees to give out the prize of a flare).

I’m currently writing a game which will be committed to the jME community. Carpe Diem! :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

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So, tempus fugit? :smiley:

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Simia temporis

Some categories / themes crossing my mind :

  • you can’t stop running
  • upside - down
  • survive
  • greed is good

catch me if you can

Is license CC-0 will be accepted for code, and some other Creative Commons for assets ?

For assets it’s fine as long as the asset allows you and anyone else to use it. It would be best to have code under a code license, but I don’t plan on being picky about licenses.

For reasoning, I’ll quote Creative Commons (link):

We recommend against using Creative Commons licenses for software.
Instead, we strongly encourage you to use one of the very good software
licenses which are already available. We recommend considering licenses made available by the Free Software Foundation or listed as “open source” by the Open Source Initiative.
Unlike software-specific licenses, CC licenses do not contain
specific terms about the distribution of source code, which is often
important to ensuring the free reuse and modifiability of software. Many
software licenses also address patent rights, which are important to
software but may not be applicable to other copyrightable works.
Additionally, our licenses are currently not compatible with the major
software licenses, so it would be difficult to integrate CC-licensed
work with other free software. Existing software licenses were designed
specifically for use with software and offer a similar set of rights to
the Creative Commons licenses.

It doesn’t look like any of the core developers will be posting anything regarding this It looks like a good time to start, so I figured it’s reasonable to start the voting on the theme. See the OP for the poll.

Here is the poll:

  • You can’t stop running
  • Upside - down
  • Survive
  • Greed is good
  • Catch me if you can
  • Open World
  • Night
  • Based on a popular classic book

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Sure, winner can get a mighty flair. You are officially #blessed

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have another poll for everyone. I’m posting it now so there is time to vote. I’m wondering the timespan that you all think is best for the actual project creation.

  • Three Days
  • Seven Days
  • Fourteen Days
  • Something else? (Comment below)

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IMHO, the important for the timespan is not the duration, but it should include Week-End, jME is mainly used by hobbist.

Don’t worry, it will.

Project submission is now open! That means that you may begin working on your projects and submit the projects GitHub links here at any point on or before Febuary 17th in which case I will add them to the OP.

As per the vote, the project topic is “You can’t stop running.”

Just for interest sake, who will be participating in this quick challenge?

I was thinking of making a 2D endless runner game for those who might want to learn 2D platformer games in the future.

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