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So we’ve got the Forums at the 2015 update for the look. We’ve still got the monkey smileys, too. Here’s a couple of pictures, that might help…

I thought I would just post it as a linkable topic for when someone else wants to know… otherwise another way to access them is to just start with:

and it brings up:

Have fun, y’all.

edit: agh… my ocd is kicking in…
here’s “the list”:


  • amused
  • annoyed
  • closedgrin
  • confused
  • cool
  • cry
  • closedlaugh - (its actually “_chimpanzee_closedlaugh_”, IDK why though)
  • eek
  • evil
  • facepalm
  • grin
  • google
  • hitler
  • laugh
  • lobitized - ( for “lobotomized”, maybe?)
  • mad
  • mongo
  • neutral
  • nogood
  • rolleyes
  • sad
  • smile
  • surprised
  • tongue
  • wink
  • winktongue
  • woot

Monkeys are in the “poo” tab. that’s completely intuitive.



LOL, when I think about it… it almost makes me want to trim up the humor and add/post the “MonkeyPi” on general… haha, I might just… The thing of it is… I should probably preface it with a [BS Warning]… otherwise, people might think I’m being serious.